Pictures and Hugs for Jemen

Een warme actie van
Sofie Luyten
Woensdag 21 november tot Maandag 24 december

I will sell my selfmade pictures for Jemen. You can buy pictures I already made, or buy a picture of your family that I will come to make.
Http://www.sofieluyten.be is my website where you find pictures to choose from.
I have more on my fb-account: facebook.com/sofieluytenphotographer (choose from public albums).
You can give a free gift for a picture (richtprijs 25 euro).

Also I will share heartwarming hugs for Jemen, I organise a big 'Free Hugs'-event (Sunday 16th of december; Sint-Pietersplein, Gent) and you can sponsor me for each 'warmest hug' I will share on the event.

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